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Warehouse dehumidification

There are many types of dehumidifiers all with their positives and negatives. To better understand the process of dehumidification it is important to understand the various types of dehumidification systems on the market today. Compression As air is compressed, the dew point or temperature at which water will condense is raised. Therefore, to get dry air we need to find a way to cool the compressed air.

warehouse dehumidification

But costs can be prohibitive because equipment, space, and auxiliary equipment are necessary for the process. However, if compressed air is already used in the primary operation and only very small amounts of dry air are needed for humidity control, compression may be a feasible route to dry air.

The primary limiting factor with dry air via compression is simply the volume of air required. Contact Bry-Air today to discuss these systems and how they may be applied to your specific moisture control challenge. Know Your Application? Condensation and Frost Prevention. Corrosion Prevention. Moisture Regain Prevention.

Product Drying. Product Drying Gelatin capsules Sugar-coated products Dry sausage curing Temperature-sensitive products Coating lines.

The primary types of dehumidification are as follows: A.

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Compression B. Adsorption Based Desiccants D. Absorption Based Desiccants To better understand the process of dehumidification it is important to understand the various types of dehumidification systems on the market today.

As air is compressed, the dew point or temperature at which water will condense is raised. Typical systems include a fluted or corrugated media configured in a rotating mass. These systems require reactivation via a heat source to expel moisture via a separate airstream commonly referred to as the reactivation air stream.

However, this can be combated with cost effective energy recovery and energy management solutions. It is often seen as a benefit that these systems, when using a liquid absorption system, offer some evaporative cooling effects while dehumidifying the air.This activity allows outside ambient air, which is typically much higher in moisture content, to infiltrate the docks and freezers. The moisture contained in the air condenses in liquid form in rooms above freezing, and in the form of ice in subfreezing rooms.

This condensation occurs on any and all surfaces, causing safety hazards with slick floors and ice buildup on racks, coils and lighting fixtures. When frozen product is passed through higher humidity areas, frost can form on the outside of the pallets, obscuring bar codes and interfering with automated handling equipment. High-speed automatic doors, door seals and strip curtains reduce this infiltration, but cannot eliminate it. The number of doors and amount of traffic are critical factors in providing an accurate moisture load calculation.

It also eliminates wet floors and ice buildup on walls, floors, refrigeration components and conveying systems. The dehumidifier is sized based on the size and construction of the freezer and docks, the number and type of dock and freezer doors, and the expected traffic through the dock and freezer. Know Your Application? Condensation and Frost Prevention. Corrosion Prevention.

Moisture Regain Prevention. Product Drying. Product Drying Gelatin capsules Sugar-coated products Dry sausage curing Temperature-sensitive products Coating lines. Bry-Air, Inc. The control of moisture in freezers and loading docks is an operational concern in many facilities. Cold storage warehouses, product coolers and cold docks typically have large, central refrigeration systems to control the freezers and docks at their operational temperature.

This can result in wet or icy floors, frosted evaporator coils, fog, and frosted product. Moisture absorption of cardboard containers is also controlled, keeping them strong and stable.

This makes the entire operation safer and provides a more energy-efficient installation. Desiccant Dehumidification for Seed Drying and Storage. Environmental Control Systems for Power Plants. Desiccant Dehumidification for Onion Drying and Storage.

Controlled Dehumidification for Powder Coating.Email: sales. Humidity causes different range of issues away zones, for example, harm to an immense scope of structures, equipment, accessories, stocks and yes to the material put away in such warehouses. A warehouse that has high humidity affects everything that is stored in it. It is essential to keep the right humidity levels in warehouses to maintain the right moisture level. This is required to have a safe and healthy environment for storage.

A dehumidifier helps you to control the humidity level under such circumstances without affecting the storage. There are many kinds of warehouse dehumidifiers available.

As warehouses are usually larger spaces and when those spaces are not climate controlled, it is good to install a dehumidifier with a desiccant or a refrigerant unit depending upon the temperature level of the warehouse. This usually becomes difficult due to the outside temperature. In such a case a desiccant dehumidifier is more suitable. The desiccant material is used to suck up the moisture from the air in a natural way. It exhausts the dry air to keep the warehouse environment safe and dry.

This also ensures that the pests, insects and other problems arising out of damp air are kept away. This involves periodic cleaning and maintenance procedures to the warehouse and it could become a costly affair. A dehumidifier helps in reducing the operational cost of the warehouses by keeping the humidity levels to the right amount to ensure a safe and working environment. This warehouse dehumidifier is a high capacity compact model having a maximum dehumidification capacity of litres per day.

Brief details of this model are given below. The desiccant dehumidifiers work in below zero temperature conditions and do not rely on a mechanical way of reheating the air using the condenser coils.

How to Install a Whole-House Dehumidifier - Ask This Old House

These are a bit expensive than the refrigerant ones due to the desiccant material used. In most of the cases, the silica gel is used as a desiccant material, which also serves as repellents. Silica gel is good for the absorption of moisture from the air. When it comes to a dehumidifier for a warehouse, the challenge lies in the environmental condition and the space of the warehouse.

Ventilation plays a major role in warehouses with larger spaces. Airflow from the outside of the warehouse affects dehumidification. But in cases where ventilation control is not possible, you may have to use a higher capacity warehouse dehumidifier. Warehouse Dehumidifiers Humidity causes different range of issues away zones, for example, harm to an immense scope of structures, equipment, accessories, stocks and yes to the material put away in such warehouses.

Models of warehouse dehumidifiers Few of our models of warehouse dehumidifiers are listed below: Warehouse dehumidifier model VAC-DHBY This is a high capacity dehumidifier suitable for warehouses. It has an integral humidistat. Evaporator and condenser are covered in polyester. It has a galvanized steel cabinet coated with plastisol. For very low-temperature operation, it has reverse cycle defrost. If you want filtration of the return air, a return air filter can be fitted.Email: sales.

Are you dealing with storing and transportation of medicines? Usually, the medicines are stored in cold rooms and warehouses. Have you tested your humidity levels and found to be high? If so please read on. Ambient conditions affect humidity inside a warehouse. The external atmosphere will have a certain amount of humidity. The temperature inside the warehouse is much lower than the external temperature. Hence, moisture always has a tendency to get into the lower temperature of the warehouse from the external air, thus increasing humidity levels.

Customers normally construct cold rooms inside a warehouse. Hence moisture from the outside air gets easily attracted into the cold room very quickly. Prior to taking corrective actions, you have to find out present humidity levels inside your cold room or warehouse. In order to do so, you may place a temperature and humidity data logger inside the area and start recording. Let the recording happen for couple of days including holidays. It is ideal that a similar logger is placed outside the monitoring area.

This is to facilitate comparison of internal variations with respect to external variations. In the case of warehouse, you can keep the data logger outside the warehouse so that the external humidity and temperature can be measured. After a week, you may download the data and variations in humidity and relation to the external conditions can be analysed.

Now you have a clear idea of the humidity conditions and need to take corrective actions if it exceeds your permitted levels through one or both of the below methods:. There are two types of de-humidifiers which can be used based on the area of application:. This operates using silica gel desiccants which absorb the moisture from the air.

Alternatives For Dehumidification In Commercial Buildings

The intake air contains moisture which goes through the desiccant. The desiccant absorbs the moisture and the output air will be dry air. Condensing type dehumidifiers operate by the principle of condensing the moisture and converting into water.

The water will then be drained automatically or pumped through an automatic pump connected to the de-humidifier. We are supplying de-humidifies manufactured by Trotec, Germany for various industrial and commercial purposes.Thank you Your Enquiry has been sent successfully. ND dehumidifier helps overcome high humidity and excess moisture conditions. Extracts 20 litres per day, has a tank capacity of 4 litres. Compact and energy efficient, equipped with features like continuos dehumidification, digital display, roll castors and programmable timer, ND is an ideal dehumidifier model for effective humidity control.

Its ideal for large spaces that need effective dehumidification. Key features like higher air flow rate for faster dehumidification, a large tank and roll castors for easy mobility ensure humidity controlled environment at all times! Novita dehumidifier ND i has a big tank with a capacity of 6. Extracting upto 35 ltrs of water a day, the ND i is recommended for industrial and commercial use. Keeping in mind the importance of mobility ND i also comes with easy roll castors and a convenient handle for easy transportation.

Strong and sturdy, the ND i is the perfect choice for heavy users. To ensure their quality, these Dehumidifier are checked on numerous quality parameters. Product Price : Get Latest Price. Thank you! Your enquiry has been sent successfully. Your requirement has been sent successfully. Send Email. Send SMS. Your Contact Information: not me. Get Best Quote.

warehouse dehumidification

I am interested.This means that above calculated capacity liter of water has to be removed from the air to achieve a humidity of above desired humidity under the present conditions given by you. Hence while selecting you have to select a dehumidifier accordingly. For all de humidifiers, the capacity is defined as liter per hour, kg per hour etc. The above calculation sheet gives you the exact size of the dehumidifier required for your application.

Warehouse & Industrial Dehumidifiers

You are entering the input values of present conditions of your home, office, warehouse, cold room, walk in freezer etc. The result calculated give you the exact capacity of the required dehumidifier. If the area is big, it is better to select multiple dehumidifiers so that air circulation will be better. Also, this will help in faster dehumidification.

The input parameters are explained below. You have to enter these input values and press the button 'Click here for Dehumidifier result'. You have to enter the normal room temperature. In order to calculate the worst possible scenario, you may consider the highest temperature recorded during a certain period.

If you have a high humidity in winter, you may enter the highest reading normally noticed during the winter. However please note that you as you enter a high value, the size of the required dehumidifier will be higher, thus increasing the cost. You have to input the present levels of humidity in this column. In order to calculate the worst possible scenario, you have to enter the highest readings normally recorded. If you want accurate results especially for industrial and commercial applications, you may take the actual readings using a hygrometer.

If you are designing a warehouse with opening to the atmosphere, you can easily check the data from your local weather reports. However if you are designing for an office, you will need to measure the exact readings. However, for small office and homes, you may need such exact readings.

This is the humidity level you need to achieve by installing the dehumidifier.

warehouse dehumidification

You can input this value in this column. In these columns you have to input the size of the area, which is being dehumidified. As the capacity of the dehumidifier is directly dependent on the air volume inside the room, the size of the room is very important. You can input length, width and height in meters. Alternatively, if you know only the volume of the room, you can input the same in cubic meters.

Now you will see the results. This is the amount of water to be removed from the air per hour. Capacity of a dehumidifier is defined by the amount of water it removes per hour or per day.Please provide the following information to see the pricing details and continue the checkout process.

You can delete the item from your cart at any time. Because our price on this item may be lower than specific manufacturers allow us to show, we need you to input the above information first. Thank you! What's the Price?

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warehouse dehumidification

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